In the much-anticipated second edition of the “terrific” (NPR’s Science Friday) book The Great Lakes Water Wars, journalist Peter Annin delivers a fast-paced narrative that brings the story up to date over the past decade. With three new chapters, four significantly revised chapters, and major updates to the entire book, the new edition of The Great Lakes Water Wars is the definitive account of the people and stories behind hard-fought battles to protect a precious resource for the millions who call it home.

Annin dives into the fraught history of water use in the Great Lakes region and recaps the story of the Chicago River diversion, which reversed the flow of the river, fundamentally transforming the Great Lakes ecosystem. The new edition also addresses the new impacts of climate change on the Great Lakes. Since the first edition was published, water levels set record lows and record highs in the Great Lakes Basin and the invasive Asian carp has transformed the ecology of the river as it makes its way through the Chicago River diversion and even closer to Lake Michigan. Annin skillfully weaves the history of the Great Lakes Compact within this current context, giving new relevance to his “fascinating” (Toledo Blade) book.

Check out Chapter 1: To Have and Have Not below or download the PDF here.