foreword Friday

#ForewordFriday: International Day of Forests Edition

International Day of Forests was on Tuesday, March 21. While reflecting on the day, we asked Joe Landsberg and Richard Waring, authors of Forests in Our Changing World, if days like these have any meaning. Here's what they had to say: "Most specially designated days, beyond religious and memorialm days, have little meaning for the vast majority of people.We have arbor day in this country that involves the supervised action of planting trees. That probably makes an impression on kids, who, as they age, can return to see their plantings grow, and encourage their kids to appreciate urban trees, if nothing else."

Forests in Our Changing World discusses how to keep forests healthy and resilient in the face of climate change. Check out the Introduction from the book below.

Do you think days like International Day of Forests matter? Comment why or why not below.