#ForewordFriday: March for Science Edition

At Island Press, our staff, authors, educators, practitioners, and partner organizations are committed to providing the knowledge and information that can change minds, change practice, and change policy. That's why we're partnering with The March for Science. History contains far too many examples of attempts to suppress, obfuscate, and deny the knowledge that comes from science, and to shut down the vital conversation that advances and promotes it. We need to be vigilant in defending science against those who find it inconvenient or lack the will to engage with it. 

With that in mind, we're offering a free excerpt from the book Don't Be Such a Scientist by Hollywood filmmaker and former science professor Randy Olson. In the book, Olson shares the secrets of talking substance in an age of style. The key, he argues, is to stay true to the facts while tapping into something more primordial, more irrational, and ultimately more human. You'll laugh, you may cry, and as a communicator you'll learn the importance and power of narrative.

Download a free excerpt here or read it below.