#ForewordFriday: Mastering the Basics

Holistic management is a systems-thinking approach developed by biologist Allan Savory to restore the world’s grassland soils and minimize the damaging effects of climate change and desertification on humans and the natural world. This third edition of Holistic Management Handbook: Regenerating Your Land and Growing Your Profits is the long-awaited companion volume to the classic text Holistic Management, Third Edition.

Thoroughly revised, updated, and streamlined, this handbook explains the planning procedures described in Holistic Management and offers step-by-step instructions for running a ranch or farm using a holistic management approach. Ranchers, farmers, pastoralists, social entrepreneurs, government agencies, and NGOs working to address global environmental degradation will find this comprehensive handbook an indispensable guide to putting the holistic management concept into action.

Check out Part 1: Holistic Financial Planning (Mastering the Basics) below, or download the PDF here.