Photo by GabPRR, used under Creative Commons licensing. Photo by GabPRR, used under Creative Commons licensing.

This week's excerpt comes to you from two decades into our backlist through a pair of coincidences. A Natural History of Nature Writing, you see, happens to be shelved right next to the exit of our conference room a little beloweye level and to have a legible enough spine that it catches my eye as I leave meetings. Looking for a book to tie to our Rewilding Adventure sweepstakes with Cristina Eisenberg (Have you entered? You should enter! Go ahead, I'll wait.), I started paging through it, only to find a bit in the introduction describing Rachel Carson's technique as "a blend of science and storytelling," which is more or less exactly what each of us who read Eisenberg's latest book, The Carnivore Way, found so enticing about it. So read about Carson's writing, enjoy a little of Eisenberg's, and maybe come May you'll find yourself in Yellowstone National Park on the trail of carnivores and inspired to do some nature writing of your own.