Photo Credit: Glen Canyon Dam and Colorado River - Page, Arizona by user Jim Trodel

#ForewordFriday: Satellites in the High Country Edition

Have you heard all the buzz? From reviews in Wall Street Journal to interviews in Men's Journal and National Geographic, people can't stop talking about Satellites in the High Country by journalist and adventurer Jason Mark.

In Satellites in the High Country, Jason travels beyond the bright lights and certainties of our cities to seek wildness wherever it survives. In California's Point Reyes National Seashore, a battle over oyster farming and designated wilderness pits former allies against one another, as locals wonder whether wilderness should be untouched, farmed, or something in between. In Washington's Cascade Mountains, a modern-day wild woman and her students learn to tan hides and start fires without matches, attempting to connect with a primal past out of reach for the rest of society. And in Colorado's High Country, dark skies and clear air reveal a breathtaking expanse of stars, flawed only by the arc of a satellite passing—beauty interrupted by the traffic of a million conversations. Satellites in the High Country is an epic journey on the trail of the wild, a poetic and incisive exploration of its meaning and enduring power in our Human Age.

Check out an excerpt below: