As ticks move into new areas and enjoy longer seasons, they are changing millions of lives, driving up healthcare costs, and infusing a simple walk in the woods or picnic in a city park with fear. Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change is a disquieting look at how Lyme disease has proliferated in a warming world. In it, investigative journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer tells the heart-rending stories of families destroyed by a single tick bite, of children disabled, and of one woman’s tragic choice after an exhaustive search for a cure. The book also highlights researchers innovating new technologies like a robot that scarfs up ticks to help realize a vision of a Lyme-free world. Jane Goodall praised the book, saying: "[Lyme] throws new light on one more danger caused by climate change. The book is stark warning that Lyme is but the tip of the iceberg." 

Read Chapter 1: Ticks, Rising below.