#ForewordFriday: Transit Street Design Edition

As cities strive to become more sustainable, livable, and healthy, they are increasingly becoming multi-modal. In 2014, Americans took 10.8 billion trips on public transit, the highest since the dawn of the highway era. But most of these trips are on streets that were designed to move private cars, with transit as an afterthought. The NACTO Transit Street Design Guide, a four-color book, places transit where it belongs, at the heart of street design. The guide shows how streets of every size can be redesigned to create great transit streets.The newest addition to the set of popular NACTO guides, the Transit Street Design Guide provides a much-needed link between transit planning, transportation engineering, and street design.

With examples from a host of cities including Houston, Boston, Toronto, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and others, the book expands on the transit information in the acclaimed Urban Street Design Guide, with sections on comprehensive transit street design, lane design and materials, stations and stops, intersection strategies, and city transit networks. It also details performance measures and outlines how to make the case for great transit street design in cities. As Ed Reiskin, director of the San Francisco Transportation Agency and NACTO President Emeritus, says in the foreword, “This book is a vital resource for every transportation planner, transit operations planner, and city traffic engineer transitioning from ‘moving machines to moving people.’”

Check out an excerpt of the book below or click here