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#ForewordFriday: Urban Stormwater Edition

Excess asphalt contributes to stormwater runoff, which can carry pollutants into water bodies and overwhelm sewer systems. As more and more cities reclaim street space for human life and habitat and enact far-reaching plans to address climate change, there is need for guidance on how to integrate valuable ecological processes into urban streets.

Building on their successful series of street design guides, NACTO’s Urban Street Stormwater Guide provides practitioners, leaders, and other advocates with the tools to design streets for successful stormwater management. From bioswales in the bikeway buffer zone to using street trees to improve the experience waiting at a transit stop, the Urban Street Stormwater Guide is a collection of creative, proven innovations for incorporating green stormwater infrastructure into the right of way. It will help cities manage stormwater and reap the public health, environmental, and aesthetic benefits of street trees, planters, and greenery in the public realm, while enabling cities to build safer streets for everyone.

Read Chapter 2: Planning for Stormwater for free below.