#ForewordFriday: Water is for Fighting Over Edition

In a year when headlines are dominated by drought and news of Lake Mead water levels falling to historic lows, John Fleck's Water is for Fighting Over offers a refreshingly hopeful perspective about the state of the Colorado River and our ability to do more with less water. In his two decades of reporting on water in the Southwest, longtime journalist Fleck argues that rather than fighting over water, he has seen stories of successful compromise. His book delives into a deep history of water in the West and shares the stories of unique individuals who save and conserve water, wildlife, agriculture, and even lawns and fountains. Throughout, he shows that even in the depths of the worst drought, positive solution stories can still be found. Check out Chapter 2 from the book below and find out why the Albuquerque Journal says these stories "have turned the water crisis narrative on its head."