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#ForewordFriday: Zero Net Energy Building Edition

Around the country, interest in Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings is growing—this fall Santa Monica passed the world’s first ZNE building requirement for new single family homes and Boise unveiled Idaho’s first commercial ZNE building. But while ZNE buildings are an energizing concept that is broadly accepted, there is little information on what is required to actually meet these goals. In Design Professional’s Guide to Zero Net Energy Buildings, Charles Eley presents a practical, accessible guide to developing ZNE buildings. Based on Eley’s 40 years of experience as an architect and mechanical engineer, as well as interviews with other industry experts and data from select ZNE buildings, the book shows that we have the knowledge and technology to design and construct ZNE buildings. Check out Chapter 7 from the book, which discusses how ZNE can move beyond premium buildings to work for shopping center developers, school districts strapped for funds, and other mainstream buildings, below.