Free E-book Spotlights Transformative Thinking on Climate

These are trying times for those who care about equity, sustainability, and climate change — the issues that will shape our common future. In 2017, the United States confronted the costliest year on record for weather disasters, as deadly wildfires and devastating hurricanes wreaked havoc against the backdrop of a presidential administration that denies the reality of climate change.

And yet, even in these trying times, there are extraordinary people working to create a greener, fairer world. Over the past year, the Island Press Urban Resilience Project has collaborated with a diverse group of activists, academics, and practitioners to share ideas of how to better prepare for an uncertain tomorrow. Those ideas — originally published as op-eds, articles, and other short-form writing — have now been collected in a new e-book Resilience Matters: Transformative Thinking in a Year of Crisis, available online at no cost.

Urban Resilience

The articles collected in the e-book address the economic, ecological and social dimensions of resilience. They report on a variety of threats, from the vulnerability of our infrastructure to political efforts to undermine the public’s right to clean, affordable drinking water. Importantly, they showcase solutions that are sustainable and equitable. From community groups that are growing local economies while reducing carbon emissions, to red-state cities that are taking the lead on climate action in the absence of federal leadership, these stories illuminate the path forward in tumultuous times.

We invite you to draw inspiration from their work, and join the struggle for a sustainable, equitable future.