Is your kitchen getting a good workout this holiday season? Do you have a favorite holiday-inspired dish? Is there a certain organic, environmentally friendly ingredient you've come to use in cooking or baking? Share your favorite holiday recipe in the comments below and get a free copy of Stephanie Mills’ E-ssential: Simple Pleasures.   Share your holiday spirit and get a great stocking stuffer for your effort! Check out some recipes from the Island Press and download a free copy of Simple Pleasures staff below. From Jaime Jennings, Publicity Manager Harvest Salad with Maple Poppy Seed Dressing Lightens up a heavy holiday food season with a delicious seasonal vegetable. Use a food processor to slice the russels and authentic maple syrup for a robust, light seasonal salad. From Jason Leppig, Marketing Manager Lemon Cakes The lemon cakes from the Game of Thrones cookbook are awesome. Use organic ingredients where possible (lemons and sugar) and pick up some local, organically produced butter, eggs, and milk. You'll likely find these at your neighborhood organic market. If you like lemon, definitely double the amount of lemon in the recipe. Share your favorite holiday recipe below! Download the E-ssential, Simple Pleasures for your Kindle here. Download the E-ssential, Simple Pleasures for your Android, iPad, or other device here.