On Interning at Island Press: Books that Matter

I started at Island Press as a Marketing Intern over the summer. In many ways, my experience with the Production department is similar to my time in Marketing. From day one I was given an overview of the publishing process with emphasis on my department’s role. If I had questions, Sharis was always willing to answer. I felt included in the Production department because of the amazing team I was a part of and that they trusted me with great responsibility.

As a Production Intern, my responsibilities primarily followed all stages of a manuscript’s life. From the transmittal process, I checked all the book files and recorded every element in the cast off, a preliminary evaluation of a book’s production costs. Once the book became a manuscript, I made the master copy for the typesetter and looked over every round of edits until the manuscript was error-free. The most satisfying part of the process was when the manuscript returned as a book and was ready to be registered with the Library of Congress.

Through this internship, I was able to explore my strengths and weaknesses. The most daunting task for me was always the master copy. It forced me to learn CMOS and the standards freelance copyeditors and publishers use. After some practice, I’ve become comfortable with the process and I enjoy how detailed the work is. I believe my responsibilities as an intern directly improved my attention to detail and work performance, skills I will take with me to my next workplace.

I am walking away from Island Press with an incredible experience in the publishing process. I was able to see and have a role in the making of a book because I was given responsibilities that directly impacted the final product. I am proud of what I have accomplished and I now know that having a role in a book’s development is something that is important to me. I wouldn’t have known this that without interning here.

I want to thank Sharis and the rest of the Island Press team for making my time here so worthwhile.