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On Interning at Island Press: Connecting with People

The development team is looking forward to taking part in next week The development team is looking forward to taking part in next week's #GivingTuesday festivities.

In this installment, Development Intern Alana Davicino gets her first taste of the philanthropic world.

As fall semester of my senior year is coming to a close, it’s hard to believe that my college days are almost over. I may not know where I’ll end up after graduation this May, but something I’m sure of is that when I’m finally holding my diploma in my hand, reflecting on the past four years, my internship at Island Press will stand out in my memory as one of the best experiences I had in college. This is no coffee-fetching, copy-making drudgery internship. During my time at Island Press, I’ve learned new things every time I come into the office. One of my favorite components of the internship is that I get to research foundations and individuals that Island Press works with. Through this research, I have the chance to read about some of the innovators and leaders at the forefront of the conservation and environmental science fields. Learning about their work and passion is inspiring, and it is exciting to explore new ways that Island Press can collaborate with them and support what they do. This internship has also allowed me to get to know an area of nonprofits that I was completely unfamiliar with before: development. Before I started here, I only had a vague notion of development and philanthropy in general. But I now know that it can be so much more than that—not only is development about raising funds to carry on important work, but it’s also a way of connecting with people who share a common appreciation and passion for the environment, as well as the desire to spread knowledge and good ideas in the field. However, the best part of my internship by far is being surrounded by an incredibly welcoming, motivated and intelligent team. The work environment is very friendly and I immediately felt comfortable here. In the development department, I work closely with Meg and Meredith, who are always willing to patiently explain how to do things and answer my questions, no matter how trivial they may be (or how many hundreds of times I’ve already asked). As a whole, the staff at IP has been wonderful to work with, and there’s no doubt that interns are valued—I am included in team meetings, where I am given the chance to speak and share my work with everyone in the development department. I also participate in staff-wide events and share tasks like anyone else. And of course, it’s always a treat when everyone gets together in the kitchen for a staff lunch or celebrating birthdays with homemade cake by Laura! I feel so lucky to have been part of the team at Island Press this semester. I know that many things I’ve learned and experienced here will stay with me through the rest of college and far beyond...but for now I’m glad I get to stick around a while longer!