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On Interning at Island Press: The Marketing and Publicity Departments

In this second installment, Micaela Samodelov writes about what it's like to intern in the marketing and publicity departments.

I applied for a publicity internship at Island Press because I was drawn to the organization’s goal to provide individuals with the information and tools they need to put ideas into practice. Interning with the Marketing and Publicity department gives me the opportunity to learn firsthand about the ways the press connects its products to the audiences most likely to take full advantage of them. During my first few weeks here at Island Press, I have spent the bulk of my time both promoting books and monitoring their media coverage. I’m learning how to pitch books to potential reviewers by tailoring the message to different types of media outlets. It’s exciting when reporters and editors respond positively to pitches and request copies of books, and I’m sure that seeing their reviews in the future will be even more satisfying. Reading through current media coverage each day illustrates the power of books to initiate dialogue and inspire creative solutions to pressing environmental problems. This subway slide design, inspired by Darrin Nordhahl’s Making Transit Fun!, is one of my favorite recent examples. Witnessing some of the discussion provoked by publications certainly adds an element of adventure to my time at the office; more importantly, this internship has proven to be a meaningful learning experience. Throughout the rest of the summer, I will have ample opportunities to improve my writing and communications skills, learn about marketing and publicity, and participate in the dissemination of cutting-edge ideas about major environmental issues at Island Press. Needless to say, I’m sure it will be a great summer.