Publicity Intern Kate Denardi illustrates how working at Island Press is beyond copies and coffee runs. 

During my first year of graduate school I studied theory, theory, and more theory. By the end of the year I was craving application. I wanted to write press releases, make media lists, and start experiencing the world of PR rather then reading about it in journal articles and textbooks. So, I began my search for a summer internship. Everywhere I looked was an internship full of grunt work; coffee runs, making copies, and staring blankly at a computer screen. Then, I found Island Press. Sure, a few copies have been made and I am more familiar with the UPS’s mailing system then I ever thought I would be; but, I spend the overwhelming majority of my time writing press releases, emails to reporters, and doing media research. Island Press has given me the application I desired. My two supervisors, Jaime & Meghan, have been amazing teachers. When editing my press releases or emails they rarely just change the text. Instead they take the far more time consuming route and offer me comments to help me improve my own writing. This has been invaluable, I have been able to strengthen my writing style and produce writing samples that I am incredibly proud of. They are always available to answer questions and offer advice. In grad school we often talk about the difference between public relations in theory and public relations in practice, Jaime and Meghan have truly taught me a great deal about public relations in practice. Over the course of the summer I have had lunch with a number of my friends also interning in DC. They’ve complained about the grunt work, coffee runs, and being bored. They lament that the summer is dragging on, but for me the summer has flown by. I spend my time at work being engaged. From researching media coverage on our books & authors, to building media lists, to editing press releases, there is always something for me to do. I know that when it comes to interview for full time employment next spring (gulp) I’ll have plenty of things to talk about from my time at Island Press and for that, I am incredibly thankful.