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On Interning at Island Press: The Production Department

In this next installment, Tessa Fox writes about what it’s like to intern in the production department.

There are two main reasons why I sought out an internship at Island Press. First, I’ve always wanted to get experience in the field of publishing and editing. It’s always seemed like a career I would find rewarding: as someone who loves books and writing, I find the process of physically creating a book to be something truly amazing. Second, I am passionate about environmental protection. I believe that education and literature are a necessary part of solidifying a real environmental movement for our time, and I love that Island Press is committed to publishing the insights and solutions our planet desperately needs. It’s been about a month since I started my internship at Island Press, and I’ve been having a fantastic experience. I work in the Production Department, focusing on electronic books, and there is so much to learn – perhaps especially because I don’t yet have an e-reader myself. So far, I’ve been assembling older titles into the eBook format, organizing files in the archives, and joining full-time employees at weekly e-content meetings. It’s fascinating to witness the production process for both hard-copy and electronic books – and to be a part of it. In addition to learning the steps in that overall process, I’ve also been learning publishing terminology, and how to use programs like Adobe Acrobat. I’m excited for what the next several weeks of my internship will teach me about the evolving field of electronic publishing!