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On Interning at Island Press: Public Relations Experience for the Real World

In this installment, Public Relations Intern Emily Tran conveys how her time at Island Press has prepared her for life after college. Having a few internships before, I have done my fair share of menial tasks. But, it wasn’t all useless. I can make a mean cup of coffee, and print, scan and copy documents like a machine. Nevertheless, as a senior in college, I was looking for a fall internship that would offer more. I wanted one that would allow me to gain experience in the public relations field, and prepare me for the real world. Working here at Island Press has accomplished exactly that, and has taught me so much more. As a business student, I came to Island Press with a business-oriented style of writing. However, my assignments here have trained me to become a more versatile writer, and to write more extensively. As Island Press’s publicity intern, I can honestly say that I wrote more press releases and pitches, than I had at my past two marketing and public relations internships combined. Many internship opportunities proclaim they offer “hands on experience,” but more often than not, I have found this actually means organizing office supplies. Yet, at Island Press, I actually got to send e-mails and pitches, that I wrote, to various journalists. I am extremely thankful for everything I have learned here, and know it will be applicable in my future endeavors in the public relations field. On another note, on the first day of classes, professors often state, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” But then the scowl that adorns his or her face after hearing one’s question, declares otherwise. My supervisors, Jamie and Meghan, on the other hand, served as the rare teachers that honestly mean it. They were exceptionally helpful, and have improved my writing skills in a short span of two months. Thanks to them, I have become much more confident in my writing abilities. As I prepare to graduate college and enter the real world (yikes), I know that at any office or cubicle I end up in, my experience at Island Press has prepared me for whatever is to come.