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On Interning at Island Press: Welcome to the New Age

In this installment, Information Technology Intern Ashley Jordan discusses the path to, and the joy of, a job in technology.

Apple IIe by Daniel Bagel, used under Creative Commons licensing Apple IIe by Daniel Bagel, used under Creative Commons licensing

My alarm goes off at 6 a.m. every morning, and I hop out of bed, happy as ever to get to work (much to my family’s amusement). Not even traffic can put a damper on my mood, because no other internship I've had before has excited me as much as the one I have at Island Press. I can finally say I’m doing something I enjoy! I've earned my A+ certification and proved that I know my way around a computer. With this, I can begin the career in computer technology that I've always dreamed of having, and that starts at Island Press. I've switched computers’ power supplies around, replaced malfunctioning video cards, moved computers around and updated their certification to match their new stations, I've set up new accounts for incoming interns, and I've showed them how to use those accounts, all in just two months of being an intern! Hardware or software, educational or practical, Island Press has allowed me to apply my knowledge and learn by doing, and I enjoy it. I’d heard a lot about the warm environment and the nice people who work here at Island Press while I completed my A+ certification a Howard University, and what I’d heard was absolutely right; I've never felt so comfortable and welcomed as I have at Island Press. Since the first day I walked into this internship, I've been fired up and ready to work; to help people through any problems they come across and to make sure that everything is in working order. I feel that working in technology has given me the opportunity to give back. My job is to make sure the everything is working, and as a result, that everyone is happy and able to do their jobs.