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Island Press Bikes DC

Last Sunday marked the first annual D.C. Bike Ride, arguably the biggest bike event the district has ever seen! Seventeen miles of roadway were sectioned off for the big ride, with a route that took bikers from the U.S. Capitol to Georgetown to the Pentagon and a number of other scenic spots along the way.

Rachel, Kyler, Courtney, and Elizabeth at the DC Bike Ride on May 20.

Island Press was well represented at the event, with Elizabeth Farry, Rachel Miller, Courtney Lix, and myself showing off our support for sustainable transportation. The weather wasn’t ideal and there were some gridlock issues that will hopefully get ironed out in future years, but we Islanders made the most of it! According to Capital Bikeshare, 928 calories were burned on the approximately 3 hour ride.

Souvenirs included a fancy water bottle and 24 hours of what I call “jelly legs.”

Hope to see you out there next year!