Photo credit: Supreme Court Pediment by user Kevin Harber

Island Press Takes Action on Climate Change

On Monday January 30th I had the privilege of accompanying the Island Press team on a quest to affect political change. Thanks to a group of generous donors we were able to assemble together 60 copies of The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change by Yoram Bauman and Grady Klein. We travelled all over Capitol Hill visiting the offices of freshmen House and Senate members to bestow upon them a copy of the book. Though I didn’t manage to spot any lawmakers I still had a lot of fun. It was somewhat nerve-wracking to walk into a Congressperson or Senator's office unannounced but I eventually got used to it. It felt good to be doing something about climate change. I hope at least some of the Representatives and Senators we visited will take the time to read the book.

Copies of the book ready to be delivered.


The Team before setting off. From left to right: Jason Leppig, myself, Isabella Austin and Katharine Sucher



Isabella Austin at Rep. Gottheimer's office | Island Press
Isabella Austin about to deliver some science to Rep. Gottheimer (D, NJ).


Isabella Austin says, "delivering the Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change to the freshman members of Congress was a rewarding experience because not many people are able to take advantage of having easily accessible government representatives. Capitol Hill can be intimidating, but seeing just how easy and encouraged it is to simply walk into the offices of our Senators and Representatives, even if you may not be able to talk them directly, can reassure anyone who wants to reach out that their voices, ideas, and opinions will be heard and passed along." 


Eric Bertsch at Rep. Panetta's office | Island Press
Eric Bertsch at Rep. Panetta's (D, CA) office.


Katharine Sucher at Rep. Rutherford's office | Island Press
Katharine Sucher about to bring some climate change knowledge to Rep. Rutherford's (R, FL) office.


Jason Leppig at Rep. Suozzi's office | Island Press
Jason Leppig arming Rep. Suozzi (D, NY) with some science facts.


Here we are, meaning business. Watch as Katharine makes a science-delivery to Rep. Brown's (D, MD) office.

It might take some time before some Representatives read the book, digest the information, and base policy decisions on what they've learned.


This effort was made possible by the generous support of readers like you. Help Island Press continue to demand action guided by sound science. Make a gift today to take a stand for the environment.