A New (and Free!) e-book on urban resilience is here!

In the years since Island Press launched the Urban Resilience Project, the need for information on how to build resilient, equitable cities has only become more urgent. The latest UN climate reports show that we have precious little time to avert the worst impacts of climate change, even as our communities must adapt to rising seas, monster storms, devastating wildfires, and more.

Island Press and its diverse community of authors have much to contribute to this effort. Our work takes on the defining challenges of our time: climate resilience and social equity. Through articles, op-eds, and other writing, we spotlight solutions and tell the stories of people on the front lines of the climate crisis. A selection of those stories and solutions from the year 2018 have now been collected in a new (and free!) e-book, Resilience Matters: Strengthening Communities in an Era of Upheaval.

Highlights include:

  • "Preparing for the Health Impacts of a Fiery Future"
  • "Climate Disasters Hurt the Poor the Most. Here’s What We Can Do About It"
  • "A Tale of Two Cities: Detroit’s Revival Still Leaves the Poor Behind"
  • "Trump’s Assault on EPA Science Threatens Our Health and Our Environment"
  • "Energy Democracy: People Power for a Cleaner Planet"
  • "Going Local: How a Resilient Approach to Wastewater Could Help Communities Prosper"
  • "What Hurricanes Warn Us About the Future of Food"

Please visit islandpress.org/rm-giveaway to download your free copy of Resilience Matters.

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