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New Series: In the Urban World, Juxtapositions Matter

In an ongoing series, Urbanism Without Effort author Chuck Wolfe argues the importance of the overlaps, overlays and convergence points that define city life, and emphasizes the importance of reading and interpreting their everyday expression.

In the first five short articles in a ten-part series, Wolfe uses photographs of his native Seattle to illustrate points of context, focus and catalysts for today’s urban issues and debates, all summarized in the working term, "juxtapositions". They are often in plain sight, he notes, in familiar patterns of overlap and/or interdisciplinary layers:

Look at a juxtaposition—and see confronting dilemmas, flashpoints and ripples in time—all of which are recognizable in the faces, spaces and places of everyday life.

Rather than a static view, he stresses, for example, the interactivity of adjacent new and old construction, contrasting forms of light and blended land, water and natural environments. He shows visible reflections of regulatory process in human behavior. He repeats the path-crossing aspects of street corners and sit-able places. More at Planetizen