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Peter Gleick vs. $4 water.

On his City Brights blog, Bottled and Sold author Peter Gleick writes:
In the latest skirmish in the war on tap water, the sports arena that hosts the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team -- with the lovely name of the Quicken Loans Arena concession -- has removed its drinking water fountains. The only way for thirsty fans to get water now is to wait in line at the concessions counter for a free small cup or pay $4 for bottled water or try to drink water from the bathroom faucets. [...] This story is doubly ironic. In July 2006, Cleveland was the butt of an abusive advertisement by Fiji Water -- a controversial water bottler that ships water from the South Pacific to markets around the world. The city fought back with water-quality tests and discovered that compared to Fiji Water, the city's tap water was as high, or even higher in quality, won blind taste competitions, and was a thousandth the cost.
Read it all at his SFGate blog.