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Terry Tamminen's "teachable moment."

Terry Tamminen, Lives Per Gallon author, thinks we can learn from the Louisiana oil spill:
The Cape Wind project just approved for the waters offshore of Massachusetts will pump $1 billion into the local economy and create clean, reliable wind energy for decades. The BP oil rig in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico is spewing millions of gallons of petroleum toward the coastlines of four states, incurring $6 million per day in cleanup costs and estimated to top $3 billion before it’s all over, not counting fines or damage claims from communities and the fishing industry. Could there be any more dramatic examples this week of our choices as we invent and invest in the future of America’s energy supplies? Ironically, the current BP oil disaster spiraled out of control on the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, an annual observation that was created in part in response to a similar oil rig blowout in 1969 off the coast of Santa Barbara, CA.