Island Press

Thank You, Lizzie

Island Press is deeply saddened by the loss of Elizabeth Grossman, Island Press author, environmental reporter, and friend. Thank you, Lizzie, for your invaluable contributions to Island Press and to the environmental community as a whole. We join Civil Eats and others in mourning her loss and honoring her memory. From Civil Eats:

We mourn the loss of Civil Eats Contributing Writer, Elizabeth Grossman, who died this past Friday after losing a battle with ovarian cancer. For the past three years, Lizzie has been one of the most important members of our small team, and it has been our great honor and privilege to have worked with her. She was a dogged, determined truth-seeker, who wasn’t afraid to tell the stories that many outlets no longer have the patience or resources to tell.

Her passion to connect the dots on environmental health issues led to dozens of outstanding pieces about policy, pesticides, chemicals in our food, and the people those issues impact. She always placed importance on highlighting the most vulnerable people in the food system—the workers—and she never stopped uncovering the powerful players behind it. We’re so incredibly grateful for that. 

Lizzie was always up for calling in to an early morning press briefing, volunteering to read through pages of scientific studies, and following up with sources at all hours of the day. She was a rigorous reporter who went the extra mile, because she cared. The truth mattered to Lizzie, and we are all better off because of it. Read more

In remembrance, we offer the prologue to Lizzie's book, Chasing Molecules.