Much about President Trump's infrastructure plan remains uncertain. But one thing is clear: It cannot succeed if it doesn't account for a changing climate

Urban park success stories have one important thing in common: They’ve prioritized sound management


Chuck Wolfe, author of the new book Seeing the Better City, shares how photo-powered “urban diaries” can give residents a powerful new way to contribute to the dialogue that shapes their cities

A new report details the increasing implementation of citywide green infrastructure networks, including investments on both public and privately owned sites.

Cities and states should pursue equitable water solutions, not water shutoffs

Communities of color are leading the People’s Climate March all over the country. Why? Because climate change starts in frontline neighborhoods

True resilience is finding the sweet spot between hyper-connectedness and rigorous self-sufficiency

Now, more than ever, we need to maintain and improve policies that "unmask" our cities from air pollution and halt climate change

Three places showing how to make the transition from domination and resource extraction to regeneration and interdependence

Many of the actions we must take to mitigate climate change-reducing fossil fuel use offer significant benefits for public health. 


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