Urban Resilience Project Celebrates 100 Published Pieces

Way back in 2013 (a simpler time — remember?) Island Press launched the Urban Resilience Project (URP), with support from The Kresge Foundation and The JPB Foundation. We began with a survey of the existing literature on resilience and reached out to a diverse group of organizers, researchers, planners, and other urban change agents. What we learned in the project's initial phase was that people were increasingly getting their information from online news sources, and that Island Press would be wise to take advantage of this new media landscape. Thus, in 2015, we began our editorial phase of the project, working closely with resilience thought leaders, community advocates, and policy makers on the production and placement of short-form content: articles, op-eds, think pieces, transcribed interviews, and more.

And now, 2 1/3rd years later, we’ve officially reached our 100th published URP piece!  From small-town newspapers to USA TODAY, niche blogs to The Nation magazine, we’ve worked hard to bring sustainable, equitable solutions to a wide variety of audiences and outlets. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our content, republished here on the Field Notes blog (links below), and hope that you’ll continue to be inspired by our resilience work.

Want to be a part of URP’s next 100 pieces? Email resilience@islandpress.org to find out how you can help us forge a greener, fairer future!

1. Is "resilience" the new sustainababble?

2. We can't have resilience without justice

3. Here's why climate advocates should love Obama's community college plan

4. Our infrastructure's crucial need: resiliency

5. Meet Obama's chief resilience officer

6. More than a drafting error: Why Scott Walker is wrong

7. 7 ways to talk about climate impacts with just about anyone (yes, even Republicans!)

8. The making of an energy ghetto

9. An inclusive climate movement starts to rise in the Southeast

10. After Disaster, Tactical Urbanism Builds Resilience

11. NYC Mayor's Green Plan Fights Poverty and Pollution at the Same Time

12. Imagine Fewer Autos (It's Easy if you Try)

13. Riots and Resilience in Baltimore and Beyond

14. For US Cities, Every Week is "Infrastructure Week"

15. In Uncertain Times, Design for Community

16. The Myth That Coal is Cheap

17. On the Nature of Cities - and The Future of Conservation

18. Got Food? How Local Food Systems Can Build Resilience for Turbulent Times

19. When the Pope, the President and Top Health Experts Agree, Maybe It's Time We Listen

20. Can we talk? Here's the Conversation African-Americans Need to Have About Climate Change

21. Tackling the "Wicked Problem" of Urban Street Planning

22. In Defense of Density: Rethinking Jane Jacobs in the Era of Climate Change

23. Not Waiting for Paris: Northern Manhattan Residents Develop Climate Action Plan

24. Affordable, Multifamily Housing: Ready for the Next Storm?

25. The Pope's Green Message is About a Lot More than Climate Change

26. Choosing hope in New Orleans

27. New York May Not be a Great Place for Bikers, But It's a Great Place to Bike

28. How Solar Power Can Make Affordable Housing More Resilient

29. The Legal Consequences of Ignoring Climate Change

30. Racial Equity, Poverty and the Promise of Clean Power 

31. Hold the Keystone XL Bubbly: our fossil fuel addiction is as strong as ever

32. Building for Resilience Makes (Good Business) Sense

33. Doubling Down on Community Resilience

34. Here's what frontline communities are pushing for at the Paris climate talks

35. Bounce Forward: Building Resilience for Dangerous Times

36. For a Resilient Future, Put Community First

37. If Roads Are Gridlocked in Rush Hour, What Happens When Disaster Strikes

38. Terrorism is Americans' No.1 Concern. We Have Bigger Problems

39. African Americans, Organizing and the Transition Environmental Movement

40. What happens when an NAACP leader becomes a climate activist? Some really cool stuff

41. What's that forest worth? Disaster assistance (finally!) takes nature into account

42. Building Climate Resilience at the Water's Edge

43. New Guide Will Help You Take Action in the Streets

44. World Water Day! - Iconic Woodstock, NY Fights Water Battle and Wins

45. Canada is Looking Better and Better (The Regent Park Story)

46. Getting Real About Resilience in South Brooklyn

47. Climate change is making us sick

48. Protecting Communities from Climate Change (Hint: It’s not Just About Seawalls)

49. From Singapore to Scranton, PA: What does economic resilience really look like? 

50. Rebuilding Baltimore: How can US cities become more economically resilient?

51. How to get solar panels onto more affordable apartment buildings

52. At the Nexus of Gentrification and Environmentalism

53. 4 Ways to Address Climate Change Now

54. Heat or Eat? New York Tackles Energy Costs and Climate Change

55. The bipartisan climate solution: a tax swap

56. A Community Approach to Climate Resilience

57. Oakland rejects coal terminal, sets example on climate change

58. 8 Ways China is 'Winning' on Transportation

59. London's Olympic Legacy

60. NASA Scientists: Do You See Change? If So, Share It

61. Too Hot for Pokemon Go? Use Your Phone to Fight Climate Change Instead

62. Reflections on Water Wrongs

63. NYC Residents Zero In on Failing Energy Grid

64. What can the abolitionists teach us about climate change?

65. Why current disaster planning doesn't cut it, and what we can do instead

66. If It Doesn’t Have a Bench, Is It Still a Park?

67. Cap-and-trade? Not so great if you are black or brown

68. Black People Are Hurt by Climate Change, but It’s Not on the Agenda

69. Bee bans and more: How food laws sting producers

70. 9 Questions on Climate Change and Health Every Candidate Should Answer

71. Bridging A Gap on the Bronx River

72. Want to Win on Climate? Put Justice at the Center

73. Our Poisonous Economic System Needs a Grassroots Intervention

74. Parks: Not just for picnics

75. People Power: How Residents of Northern Manhattan are Creating an Energy Revolution

76. We Understand Struggle

77. Malign neglect? What will urban policy look like under a Trump presidency

78. Resilient Las Vegas?

79. This is How We Can Tackle Climate Change, Even With a Denier-in-Chief

80. Tear Down That Fence: A Tale of Urban Farms & The Barriers in Their Way

81. Gentrification and Food Deserts Got You Down? There's an App for That

82. Frontline communities will lead the fight for environmental and climate justice under Trump

83. What JFK fliers owe Jamaica Bay wildlife

84. Designing a Renewable Food System 

85. What does environmental justice organizing look like in the time of Trump?

86. The Climate Change Debate: Black People Are Being Left Out and That Can Be Deadly

87. With Love, We Will Resist

88. Climate change raises the stakes for affordable health care coverage

89. Diversity Is Not Enough. And, Done Alone, It Can Be Counterproductive

90. Solar Power With Storage for All? Philanthropy Can Help Make it Happen

91. Fight the attempt to kill the Clean Water Rule

92. Trump is Wrong about Climate Change, and Jobs Too

93. Here's how environmental justice leaders are pushing forward in the Trump era

94. Trumping the Transportation Progress Our Cities Need

95. Scientists must earn and maintain the public's trust

96. How to Turn Neighborhoods Into Hubs of Resilience

97. A Visual Tool for Guiding Urban Change

98. President Trump's Climate Inaction Sells the Future Short

99. Communities of color must lead the People's Climate March

100. Find solutions instead of shutting off water

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