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Water for Haiti

Peter Gleick on the earthquake crisis in Haiti:
I urge people to make donations to whatever organizations they trust to deliver help. I've donated to the American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders, but there are many more. In any disaster like this, after search, rescue, and immediate medical care, clean and safe water becomes a critical need. Without it, water-related diseases rapidly become a serious health threat for the survivors. Water Number: 50 liters per person per day. In previous work I've done on basic human needs, I've identified 50 liters per person per day as a minimum for drinking, sanitation, cooking, and cleaning. In a disaster of this magnitude, even a fraction of that amount would be a blessing. [...] I'm sure there are many more good suggestions and ideas out there. Let's hear them. This is one of the things Americans do really well. We step up in whatever ways we can.
Read more at his SFGate blog.