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We're Not Ready for Extreme Heat in a Rapidly Aging Nation

In a new op-ed published in collaboration with the Urban Resilience Project, Danielle Arigoni (author of Climate Resilience for an Aging Nationwrites that extreme heat and other climate impacts are disproportionately impacting older adults, but resilience efforts are still far behind. 

Arigoni writes:

As temperatures rise in our rapidly aging nation, we must plan to ensure resilience for the country’s oldest residents. Fortunately, solutions that meet the needs of older adults also benefit people of all ages. For example, programs that support seniors in weatherizing their homes can bring down cooling costs and deliver a more resilient housing stock. Bus shelters with shading and seating can make public transit feasible for older adults on hot days—and serve people of any age who can’t afford to or are unable to drive. 

Read the full piece published in The Progressive HERE