What In The World Is The Urban Resilience Project?

Inspired by the worsening effects of climate change on major population centers, Island Press created the Urban Resilience Project (URP) to inform and inspire others to take action to address the urgent risks that climate change impacts present to cities. Who is most vulnerable to climate impacts, how severely their lives are affected, and how they recover when disaster strikes is closely linked to existing inequality. URP works with practitioners, authors, and "on the ground" activists to share their stories about the efforts that are making communities more sustainable, equitable, and resilient. As you can discover by poking around the Island Press website, URP content is convenient and accessible. From podcast interviews, to blog posts and articles, to webinars, there is something for everyone.

Interested in learning more about the work of URP? Recently, Lawson Hunter, host and producer of EarthMatters podcast, interviewed URP editor Laurie Mazur about the project's mission and the exigence of resilience efforts in our cities today.

Listen to Laurie and Lawson's conversation below. And to download your own copy of the free URP e-book Resilience Matters, click HERE