#ForewordFriday: Disaster Recovery Edition

What does it mean to be a resilient city in the age of a changing climate and growing inequity? In light of federal inaction on resilience efforts, how do cities create efficient transportation systems, access to healthy green space, and lower-carbon buildings for all citizens? Some of the world’s leading voices on urban issues tackle these questions and more in the fully updated and revised edition of Resilient Cities.

Climate Denial Puts Infrastructure At Risk

Rather than pay much more down the road, President Trump should act now to build infrastructure that can withstand the effects of climate change

Climate Change and Preservation: Where Do They Intersect?

Summertime brings picnics, baseball games, family vacations, and, increasingly, record-busting temperatures. Each of the 10 hottest years on record has happened since 1998, including the hottest of all, 2014. As a preservation community, we are starting to grapple with the effects of this changing climate in very concrete ways.
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Two Unmentionable Words

I was in Salt Lake City some time ago and was advised sotto voce that it would be unwise to voice a certain term. In Kansas it’s just not done either, a local explained. Bruce Katz, who heads the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institute no less, suggested less offensive words. These unutterable words? Climate change. In large swaths of the country, bullying by climate-change skeptics has made these words unsuitable for use in civil discourse. “They just start arguments,” people have told me. “People can’t get past those terms. You’ll never reach them,” say most others.
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A New World Coming

Today we watched the assembly and installation of the thirty-foot blades of a 100 KW wind turbine on the 10 acre campus of the Woods Hole Research Center on the southern coast of Cape Cod.