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Getting Down to Business when Business is Bad

This past week the Center for Business and the Environment at Yale hosted the 3rd annual Conservation Finance Camp. This camp consisted of 19 practitioners working on preserving natural resources through land conservation and 16 instructors brought together to determine the best ways to finance conservation.
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What the stock market and environmentalists could learn from each other

It's no surprise that financial disaster has pushed environmental problems out of the news of late. But it's too bad that they can't get together somehow; the two areas of crisis, and the needed solutions, have a lot in common. The common thread is that both involve risks of rare, catastrophic events. In both cases, the prudent response is to focus on insurance against worst-case risks, rather than cost-benefit analysis of the most likely outcomes.
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Green Products and ROI

Financing isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you here the term green building. Instead it's usually solar panels, bamboo flooring, or a piece of plumbing equipment you're not sure you really want to understand. But just like other building materials, green products cost money. What makes them different is that green products typically provide a greater return on investment than conventional products.