Emily Monosson, author of the forthcoming Natural Defense, marched at the DC Women's March on January 21, 2017. Inspired by the number of scientists that marched, she collected photos and a few words from scientists who marched around the country.

Access Denied

The access issue touches all of us. From the cancer patient wanting to read up on her disease to the community organizers whose groundwater is tainted with solvents, the seaside city planner wanting the latest climate change models, and the high school student looking up at the stars.
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Hello from NACCB 2014!

The view of the University of Montana campus from the nearby Mt. Sentinel.
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Finding Your Voice

Post by Nancy Baron While not everyone may be interested in your science at first, many people are interested in scientists, as your work seems…mysterious. What do you actually do? Why are you so devoted to it? They want to know what makes you tick. Even if your research can seem obscure, they are often eager to discover a new perspective on the world through your eyes.
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A Conversation on Art & Environment with Rafe Sagarin

Observation and Ecology author Rafe Sagarin discusses art and the environment with poet Eric Magrane from the University of Arizona. Eric Magrane: Rafe, you write and speak about observation, most pointedly in your bookObservation and Ecology, with Aníbal Pauchard. I’d like to discuss the way that observation interacts as a hinge between science—and particularly environmental science—as a way of seeing and understanding the world, and art as a way of seeing.
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Island Press Staff Picks

This week's pick is from Assistant Editor, Erin Johnson.