Resilience Matters: Flourishing in an Era of Extremes edited by Laurie Mazur | An Island Press book

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It’s not a stretch to say we live in an age of extremes: extreme weather, extreme heat, extreme polarization. And yet, in this dire moment, many people are rising to the great environmental and moral challenges of our time.
Climate Resilience for an Aging Nation | Island Press

We're Not Ready for Extreme Heat in a Rapidly Aging Nation

Climate Resilience for an Aging Nation author Danielle Arigoni says extreme heat and other climate impacts disproportionatly impact older adults, but resilience efforts are far behind. 
Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Ian Was a Warning to Make Flood Insurance Accessible to All

Understanding Disaster Insurance author Carolyn Kousky writes that by expanding access to flood insurance, we can protect more Americans and improve their financial resilience in the face of escalating climate disasters.

Staying Safe in a Hotter World

Managing the Climate Crisis authors Jonathan Barnett and Matthijs Bouw on the steps local communities can take right now to make heat waves less dangerous. 
Atlanta landscape

Healing from Trauma by Building for Health

By investing in people and places, while also changing decision-making processes that have contributed to urban trauma, cities can lead the charge in promoting better health for their citizens and for the planet.