12 Reasons E-books Rule, as Told by Island Press Staff

Get ready! From 10/3-10/10, all Island Press e-books will be discounted at $4.99, exclusively through the Island Press website. This is the perfect opportunity to stock up your e-reader with all those Island Press titles you’ve been eyeing. We’re pretty pumped about it.

Meet Our Fall 2020 Authors

Naturalist: A Graphic Adaptation by Edward O. Wilson, Adapted by Jim Ottaviani, Illustrated by C.M. Butzer E.O. Wilson’s bestselling memoir comes to life in a beautifully illustrated graphic adaptation.

2019 Year in Review

A guide to our 2019 titles.

National Authors Day

During National Authors Day, we hear from editors on their experiences working with authors.

Nature Camp: A Summer Camp Unlike Any Other

Nestled deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Nature Camp inspires a commitment to conserve and sustain the environment and its natural resources.