Ditch Cars for Open – and Equal – Streets

From the Ground Up author Alison Sant writes that car-centric streets are dangerous and perpetuate inequity, but the pandemic has pointed us to ways we can better use our public spaces.
Waves. Photo by Shifaaz Shamoon/Unsplash

Congress Must Fish or Cut Bait on Marine Aquaculture

The Blue Revolution author Nicholas Sullivan on how leadership from the federal government could help the U.S. develop a more robust marine-aquaculture industry and create jobs in coastal communities. 
Atlanta landscape

Healing from Trauma by Building for Health

By investing in people and places, while also changing decision-making processes that have contributed to urban trauma, cities can lead the charge in promoting better health for their citizens and for the planet.

Remembering Alexander Garvin

Alexander Garvin, the author of two Island Press books, died at the close of 2021. His love of cities and optimism about what they could be, did not seem to be diminished by working on some of the most complex urban projects. What Makes a Great City developed from his two-year expedition to answer that question after he was asked by a friend.

Remembering Edward O. Wilson

Our thoughts are with the family of Edward O. Wilson, the biologist and author, who died yesterday at the age of 92. His visionary work on biodiversity, ants, and human nature brought new understanding of and appreciation for evolutionary biology, biological diversity, and the importance of preserving the natural world. As gifted a writer as he was a scientist, he twice won the Pulitzer Prize.