PG&E “chose safety,” but for whom?

Recent fires and evacuations are yet another reminder that Californians must find ways to adapt to the new normal of climate change to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable communities.

Fighting Disparities in Food Access and Health in DC

In the District of Columbia, communities have been addressing disparities in food access and health outcomes. Now, they’re continuing the fight with a campaign called #DontMuteMyHealth.

The Least Sexy, Most Important Resilience Strategy

You probably don’t think of procurement —the steps governments take to obtain goods and services— as a way to create the resilient cities of the future. Think again.

National Authors Day

During National Authors Day, we hear from editors on their experiences working with authors.

We Should Prepare Now for the Next Hurricane

Hurricane Sandy was a traumatic experience that millions of Americans consider best forgotten. But as the pain of loss and hardship fades, so can the sense of urgency for rethinking our relationship to the coast.

EPA's War on California

EPA’s regulatory powers should be used to promote environmental protection, not carry out vendettas against states taking climate action