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By Katharine Sucher / On July 7th, 2017

A growing energy footprint requires careful thought about our world’s energy mix, but even a renewable energy future is not necessarily a green one. Many renewable energy sources have a large footprint which can threaten biodiversity and conservation....

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By Katharine Sucher / On November 18th, 2016

Around the country, interest in Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings is growing—this fall Santa Monica passed the world’s first ZNE building requirement for new single family homes and Boise unveiled Idaho’s first commercial ZNE building.

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By Katharine Sucher / On June 17th, 2016

Around the world, renewable energy is making headlines: last month, clean energy supplied almost all of Germany’s...

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By Meghan Bartels / On September 12th, 2014

How can the electrical grid become smarter?

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By Jason Leppig / On June 14th, 2013

For the month of June, the eBook edition of Cooler Smarter: Practical Steps for Low-Carbon Living from...