Trump is Wrong about Climate Change, and Jobs Too

Donald Trump rode to the White House promising to bring back jobs for working-class Americans. But dismantling federal efforts to address climate change will make it harder to deliver on that promise.

Aid, Poverty, and Global Biodiversity

International efforts to conserve biodiversity in developing coun­tries are recognizing the need to provide alternative livelihoods.
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#Foreword Friday: Foreclosure Edition

The World Bank Group proudly proclaims "our dream is a world without poverty." Supported by the U.S. and other rich industrialized nations, it lends more than $50 billion annually to developing countries-purportedly for projects and programs that help the poor while protecting the environment.
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What comes after *Yes, we can!*

So what next for climate activists swept up in ‘Yes, we can!' mania?  Perhaps we first must acknowledge how hard this is going to be.  As a friend wrote to me in reaction to last week's blog post, "I share your enthusiasm about the long-term, but the near term is going to be very challenging.  Obama needs to convince the public that some pain is required immediately in order to clean out the problems in the financial system, mortgage markets, and budget deficit." My friend is right of course, and so-far-so-good
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2009 - The end of an error?

My favorite quote from the recent campaign was the statement in Obama's acceptance speech at the convention in Denver. Speaking about the United States, he said, "We are better than these last eight years."
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Last minute Bush Administration actions

On November 4, from the White House to state houses and the unsung offices of Soil & Water Conservation and Public Utility Districts, American voters elected what is likely an unprecedented number of pro-environment candidates.
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Bail-out or Build-out, Part 2

As the Presidential race nears the finish line— with the candidates and voters both gasping for air amidst the ubiquitous onslaught of commercials on everything from lawn signs to Saturday Night Live—there are no shortages of "new and improved" proposals for dealing with the current financial mess. Well, if politicians can constantly add to their repertoires, so can we.