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A look back at the March for Science

On April 22, scientists, science lovers, and others united in marches around the world in the name of science. The largest of the over 600 marches occurred in Washington, DC. This demonstration was particularly important given a political climate which glorifies "alternative facts," and which many fear will lead to scientific data being censored, dismissed, or even destroyed for contradicting political or business interests. To show our support for truth, a few Island Press (IP) staff members and authors made their way to D.C.
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Kickstarter for The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change

A new Island Press author, Yoram Bauman, the world's first and only stand-up economist, is trying to raise $20,000 to help offset the cost to print his forthcoming book: The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change.
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Hoping for the Best

I admit it. In my heart of hearts, I'm hoping for the best. Those scenarios of climate change we see splashed across the newspapers and magazines include a wide range of possibilities, and I keep my fingers crossed that we'll end up closer to the best case. But just three weeks ago the best case got a lot worse. A group of climate scientists meeting in Copenhagen announced that sea level very likely is going to rise almost twice as much as we thought.
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After the Storm

When you’re in the middle of a forest fire, trees exploding all around you, smoke burning your lungs, and fireballs dropping from the sky, it’s hard to think about much except getting out of there alive.  That’s kind of where we are with thinking about global warming nowadays—the direct impacts on people.  How many lose their homes when sea level rises?  What new diseases are going to make their way out of the tropics?  How many dollars will it take to cut carbon emissions?