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Island Press Field Notes

By Will Selman / On April 25th, 2018

How could considering the “feminine” in urbanism change the future of our cities for the better?

By Kyler Geoffroy / On April 19th, 2018

Health journalist Suzanne Bohan chats with Infinite Earth Radio podcast about her new book Twenty Years of Life and how to challenge public health inequity. 

By Ruth Greenspan Bell / On April 16th, 2018

Trump’s proposed cuts to EPA’s science budget aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet; they affect the health of real people, including vulnerable asthma-prone children.

By Brendan O'Connor / On April 12th, 2018

State and local governments should take advantage of new funding streams to champion social, health, and environmental programs.

By Mami Hara, Catherine Nagel / On April 9th, 2018

It’s time to recognize the multiple benefits of parks and fund them as infrastructure if we want our cities to be successful and prepared for the future.

By Karen Knudsen / On April 5th, 2018

If your community hopes Trump's infrastructure bill will fix your water system, be sure to read the fine print. And if you're lucky enough to control your own water, never give it up without a fight. 

By Jason Lee Beske, David Debs Dixon / On April 2nd, 2018

Qualities that began reviving cities 20 years ago — walkable density, community placemaking, a mix of uses geared to a diverse population — are bringing new life to North America’s suburbs.

By Maggie Hart Stebbins, Paul Summerfelt / On March 29th, 2018

If you’ve got clean, abundant water, thank a forest — and do what you can to protect it. Don’t wait for the well, or the taps, to run dry.

By Sandra Postel / On March 26th, 2018

To ensure a reliable water supply in a drier future, we must embrace 21st-century solutions that restore river health while respecting the needs of existing users and communities.

By Kyler Geoffroy / On March 19th, 2018

“For the first time in history, we can make a dramatic improvement in the livability and sustainability of our transportation system”