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By David Hall / On October 14th, 2016

As cities in America redevelop, they face challenges to citizens’ wellbeing, i.e. gentrification and sustainability concerns.

By Gaelle Gourmelon / On May 12th, 2016

Can cities shift their systems and structures to become sustainable? This is the second of two  sneak peeks into the newest State of the World publication, ...


By Grady Gammage / On April 5th, 2016

How can other suburban cities extract lessons from Phoenix’s successes to work towards their own sustainable future?


By Hillary Brown / On May 15th, 2014

Last spring's Presidential appeal for fixing the nation’s “raggedy” infrastructure (his word choice) has failed to stir a response from Congress. However, bold...

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By Admin / On November 15th, 2013

This week's selection comes from The Guide to Greening Cities. Rich in tools, insights, and tricks of the trade,...

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By Admin / On August 5th, 2013

Harold Henderson of Build a Better Burb interviewed author Ned Crankshaw, author of ...

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By Admin / On March 8th, 2013

Planners and urban designers have reached a consensus about what constitutes "good urbanism;" however, there remains a yawning gap between this theory and reality. In this week's #forewordFriday selection, Nan Ellin's new book,...


By Admin / On June 22nd, 2012

Can beauty save the planet? Yes, if we are as smart about how things look as we are about how they work, believes architect and designer Lance Hosey, author of ...

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By Avi Friedman / On March 8th, 2012

North Americans are doing their fair share in reducing the millions of tons of domestic garbage that the country generates.  Each week they carefully sort their own waste and place it in a box near the curb for a pickup.  When the program began, some...

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By Admin / On September 26th, 2011

Scale is fundamental to urban design. If you get it right, and achieve a well-proportioned space between buildings, you have a sound basis to build upon. Even if the architecture is far from perfect, the public realm you create can be decent and...