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Conservation in a world of uncertainty and change

What does it mean to conserve is an era of ever growing rates of cultural, social, and ecological change? One dictionary definition of conservation I found defined it as the act of preserving, guarding, or protecting. But what does one guard or protect when gone is the certainty that even a particular habitat, species, park or preserve will remain viable in the relatively near future (next 100 or so years). What does that mean for how we conceive of conservation?
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Movin' On Up

Loggerhead sea turtle.
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The Memory of a Place

Ecological restoration is inspirational in the sense that you connect with the earth in a new or different way. I find that I reflect on the history—or what I believe to be the history—of the place I am working. My mind wanders to how this place has gone through changes. Did a stream flow through here, were populations of deer, elk, or bison ever present? Did Native Americans alter the site, use it for supplies, harvest food?
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The Value of a Good Checklist

The best-laid plans of mice and men may go astray, but a checklist still helps.
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Conference Fever Isn't Enough

Editor's note: Our Executive Editor Barbara Dean is currently attending the Society for Ecological Restoration's Northwest/Great Basin Joint Regional Conference. We hope she and the other attendees catch a nice case of conference fever—and pick up some helpful tips for successful restoration!