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By Kristin E. Haskins / On May 1st, 2012

Conservation practitioners face many different hurdles on the path to a successful species’ reintroduction. One of those challenges is having enough propagules.  Studies have shown that reintroductions conducted with mature plants are often more...

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By Cristina Eisenberg / On August 4th, 2011

In the early 1900s, while cruising timber as a young forester, American conservationist Aldo Leopold, founder of the science of wildlife biology, encountered a female wolf with her pups. The common wisdom of that era was that the only good predator was a...

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By Robert J. Cabin / On April 27th, 2011

Feeling overwhelmed by civilization? Dreaming of getting away from it all? Before embarking on your great escape, you should know that these days we intensively manage all our "wilderness" areas, the wildlife you encounter out there will undoubtedly...

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By Kennedy Warne / On March 2nd, 2011

In May 2009 I set out on a two-month “state-of-the-forests” mangrove tour of the Americas. I wanted to document the plight of mangroves in the region and assess the impact of their loss on the thousands of coastal people who rely on these forests for...

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By Dominick A. DellaSala / On January 10th, 2011

Recognizing that forests can contribute to sustainable development, poverty eradication and internationally agreed upon development goals, the United Nations declared this year—"...