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By Chidinma Onuoha / On April 23rd, 2019

Plastics have transformed every aspect of our lives. Yet the very properties that make them attractive—they are cheap to make, light, and durable—spell disaster when trash makes its way into the environment. Recent bans on single-use straws and bags have...

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By Jada Mosley / On April 16th, 2019

We turned to some of our authors to find out—What do they think will be the most pressing climate change issue in the next 50 years? Why?

By Katharine Sucher / On May 8th, 2018

As I watched, mesmerized, this mass of crustaceans became a living brick-red raft, writhing on top of the water’s surface. The water became disturbed as thousands of krill flipped their muscular tails and leaped clear of the water, falling back like...

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By Worldwatch Institute / On March 31st, 2015

Reposted from the Worldwatch Institute's blog with permission.

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By Meghan Bartels / On February 20th, 2015

Sunrise in Yosemite National Park.

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By Biohabitats / On February 16th, 2015

Loggerhead sea turtle.