Publisher Ponders Future of Environment Books

Island Press often gets thought of as being somewhat narrower in scope than we in fact are. Today, environmental issues touch pretty much every aspect of our social and personal lives — not just the natural world. They affect our cities, health, economics [and] politics; that is, nearly every aspect of our lives. For example, issues around social justice and equality have become critical factors in the way we look to build a more sustainable society and repair the environmental damage we’ve already done.
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On Interning at Island Press: Looking Forward to the Annual Report

In this installment, Development Intern Grace Nelson shares how her favorite task lead to some exciting news that shows interns can have a big impact. Every day starts the same: walk in, make a bowl of my Trader Joe’s instant oatmeal, turn on my computer, and open my email. That’s where the monotony of my day usually ends--when I actually began to do my work.
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On Interning at Island Press: Corpse Flowers and Mythical Creatures

In this installment Web and Social Media Intern Jennifer Chow discusses how the summer's biggest trends helped her promote Island Press' media pages. Summer 2013 will always be remembered as the summer of the blooming Corpse Flower in the Smithsonian Botanical Gardens, the rumors of the extinct Megalodon, and days at Island Press filled with Tweets about breaking environmental news. All of this laid the perfect platform for witty tweets and Facebook and our Island Press Field Notes blog headlines.