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By John Fleck / On July 26th, 2016

There was a weird moment this afternoon when I was writing something and needed to dig out a reference from my book. (I do this a lot. It’s all there, the book has a lot of footnotes.) For a split second I started to follow the usual path on my hard...

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By Katharine Sucher / On May 20th, 2016

Go on your own journey with explorer Wade Davis in this week's Foreword Friday.

By Dominick A. DellaSala / On April 25th, 2016

This week, more than 193 nations will celebrate Earth Day. The annual event is a marker for the environmental movement begun on April 22, 1970, when Wisconsin Sen. Gaylord Nelson organized a peaceful teach-in. At the time, rivers were on fire, oil spills...

By John Fleck / On April 14th, 2016

A student in one of our University of New Mexico Water Resources Program classes asked last week what the magic trick was to finding water data. We’d asked the students to do some really challenging modeling of the flow of water through New Mexico’s...


By Grady Gammage / On April 5th, 2016

How can other suburban cities extract lessons from Phoenix’s successes to work towards their own sustainable future?

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By Eliza Pennypacker, Stuart Echols / On April 4th, 2016

April is the month of rain.  At least it is in our world: the mid-Atlantic U.S. With sincere apologies to readers who live in current drought, here in Pennsylvania we typically have reminded ourselves that “April showers bring May flowers,” and so we...

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By John Fleck / On March 31st, 2016

There’s no way to pin down the moment I started working on my book Water is For Fighting Over, coming from Island Press this fall.

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By Katharine Sucher / On March 25th, 2016

In honor of World Water Day 2016, this week's #ForewordFriday is all about water—and how Americans can't seem to get enough of it. ...

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By Pamela Boyce Simms / On March 22nd, 2016

An attempted Niagara Bottling Company water grab in iconic Woodstock New York was a defining moment for Rachel Marco Havens. In Rachel’s words, her story is about “a beautiful lake in a little town with a BIG voice, and the taxpayer-funded,...

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By Michael Branch / On February 17th, 2016

The Ranter recalls playing an unexpected concert on the banks of the Truckee River.