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Island Press Field Notes

By Kyler Geoffroy / On May 24th, 2023

From the Ground Up author Alison Sant spotlights how urban roads can be repurposed to make a more livable, community-centered city. 

Wooden handstand on bike lane. Photo by DCDOTRA.

By Jen Hawse / On May 1st, 2023

This Bike Month, how can we ensure that the diverse tapestry of American people is represented in our bike lanes and bike culture?

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

By Kyler Geoffroy / On April 20th, 2023

Kyria Stephens, a key contributor to City Forward: How Innovation Districts Can Embrace Risk and Stengthen Community, shares how we can save lives during natural disasters.

Mural of children gardening

By Laurie Mazur / On March 1st, 2023

A new e-book from the Island Press Urban Resilience Project showcases collective action for healthy, resilient communities.  

2021 Tyler Prize Winner

By Jason Leppig / On February 28th, 2023

Congratulations to Daniel Pauly, Island Press author and the newest recipient of the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement...

By Kyler Geoffroy / On January 9th, 2023

Place and Prosperity author William Fulton spotlights two Houston developments that show two different approaches to addressing rapid gentrification.

Remembering Richard Willson | An Island Press author

By Heather M. Boyer / On December 22nd, 2022

We’re saddened to learn of the untimely passing of Island Press author Richard Willson. He was a kind person who was fiercely dedicated to creating better cities. Rick’s enthusiasm for regulatory reform, and his optimism for the ability of planners to...

By Kyler Geoffroy / On December 7th, 2022

A Poison Like No Other author Matt Simon explains why every government should distribute microfiber filters to its citizens, free of charge, to help keep microplastics out of the environment.

Remembering Forster Ndubisi

By Jason Leppig / On December 6th, 2022

Forster Ndubisi was the editor of The Ecological Design and Planning Reader and will be remembered as a kind, unique leader in landscape architecture....

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

By Kyler Geoffroy / On November 30th, 2022

Understanding Disaster Insurance author Carolyn Kousky writes that by expanding access to flood insurance, we can protect more Americans and improve their financial resilience in the face of escalating climate disasters.